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Why is a Tune-Up Important?

 Over time, your vehicle will experience wear and tear, it simply comes with the territory.  Various parts of your engine need to be replaced periodically due to under-the-hood temperature and vibration.  Engine troubleshooting is precisely where these services will come in handy.  Regular tune-ups ensure that your car will continue to run smoothly and safely, as they ensure that the vehicle’s components are in working order.  In fact, regularly scheduled maintenance such as this can help maximize your fuel economy and performance.

How Often Should You Get a Tune-Up?

Kirk Brown and Sons recommends that you schedule a tune-up annually.  However, car maintenance is never something to put on the back burner.  If you are experiencing lowered gas mileage, loss of torque, odd engine noises, or weird knocking and pinging, it is time to schedule a consultation, if not a full tune-up.  While it is advisable to go by your owner’s manual, there is always the unforeseen.  If your car has no major issues, it is wise to schedule a tune-up every 30,000 miles.

Our Tune-Up Service

As a premier auto shop, Kirk Brown and Sons offers every possible tune-up service.  To maximize power and gas mileage, as well as the overall life of your vehicle, we offer these services:

  • Fuel filter replacement: your fuel filter will get clogged over time; this service is vital to the health of your car, in that a dirty filter will cause your car to lose much of its power.
  • Wiring and spark plugs: checking these parts is another service we offer when performing a tune-up. When a spark plug goes bad, or your wiring is faulty, it affects your mileage efficiency, as well as your vehicle’s start.  If you wish to avoid this, you’ll want to get new plugs and replace old wiring.
  • Distributor cap and rotor replacement: these items don’t come in every car, but for those that do, we offer replacement services.
  • Ignition system and timing: older vehicles rely on ignition timing, making it incredibly important as part of your tune-up process.
  • Belts: these are an integral part of your vehicle’s inner workings, therefore Kirk Brown and Sons replaces worn and broken belts to keep your car working at an optimal level.

In addition to these services, Kirk Brown and Sons performs oil and fluid changes, air filter replacement, battery services, valve checks and replacement, and air filter replacement.  All of these parts are crucial in keeping your car running as it should, which is why getting a tune-up regularly is vital.

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