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Preventative Maintenance

What is Preventative Maintenance for Your Car?

Preventative maintenance is a systematic inspection of your car that indicates potential problems that can become actual, destructive issues.  Specifically, the regular care and servicing of your vehicle by mechanics to find parts or systems that are in need of repair, before they cause further damage. The trained mechanics at Kirk Brown and Sons take preventative maintenance seriously, as it keeps your car from experiencing major malfunctions.  When our staff detects potential failures, it saves our customers an incredible amount of time and money.

Our services include:

  • Fuel induction and air: deposits will accumulate on your intake valves and ports, this will cause loss of power and rough idling. Preventative maintenance is important to ensure that these issues do not occur.  The real solution is in cleaning your fuel injectors, throttle bodies, air intake, with special care when removing combustion chamber deposits.
  • Lubrication: your central system is there to provide lubrication to multiple bearing parts. Providing lubrication encourages positive displacement and flow proportioning.  Preventative maintenance consists of confirming operating pressure.  Kirk Brown and Sons’ technicians will check the amount of lubricant in your reservoir, ensuring that your bearings are greased.
  • Cooling systems: the radiator is the core of your vehicle’s cooling system; it is the component that is responsible for limiting the heat that comes off when coolant circulates through your cooling system. If you do not maintain coolant, it can become acidic and tear through your car’s cooling system.  If the cooling system maintenance falls behind, it could cause the breakdown of your gaskets, hoses, and belts.  Preventative maintenance will keep the internal components of your cooling system running perpetually.
  • Transmission flush: Kirk Brown and Sons recommends that you have this done every 30,000 miles. It is important to maintain your transmission.  Otherwise, you could face gear shift issues, grinding, gear slipping, delay in vehicle movement, and vehicle surging.  Having your transmission flushed is a key component of preventative maintenance and entails cleaning the buildup and contaminants that accumulate over time.
  • Drivelines: if your vehicle has begun making strange noises, it is probably time to repair your driveline. Drivelines are the part of your car that attach your transmission to your tires; it is what makes the wheels spin.  Our preventative maintenance routine includes inspecting the universal joints, measuring and refilling transmission fluid, checking for noises or vibrations during acceleration, and perform drive shaft repairs as needed.  It’s crucial that your tires and transmissions work in sync to keep your car running smoothly.
  • Power steering: power steering is important because it allows you to turn your tires with your steering wheel. For the tremendous amount of work that your power steering does, it does not require much work.  However, it is essential that you have power steering flushes performed as needed.  Kirk Brown and Sons recommends that you have your power steering fluid flushed every three years or 30,000 miles.
  • Battery: with our extensive checklist, your battery’s preventative maintenance is in great hands. Our certified technicians inspect the appearance and cleanliness of your battery and its casings, as well as dirt accumulation cleaning, integrity inspection, and verifying equipment conditions.  We recommend that you have this done at least one time per year to make sure that your connections are sound.

We Offer Preventative Maintenance You Can Trust!

Kirk Brown and Sons know that a preventative maintenance check is a top priority in extending the life of your car.  With proper care, your vehicle is guaranteed to run smoothly for a longer time.   Preventative maintenance will keep you from costly repairs later, as well as restore your peace of mind.  Our knowledgeable staff is available to walk you through our processes, and promise that you will leave with the satisfaction of knowing that your car is at its best.  Contact Kirk Brown and Sons in Charlotte, North Carolina at 704-504-7318 for a consultation.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to look over your vehicle and assess the maintenance needs it may have to run at its best!

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