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Why Should You Put Nitrogen in Your Car’s Tires?

The tire’s primary objective is to carry around the weight of your vehicle.  However, it is the inflation pressure inside of your tires that carry this weight.  Drivers have noted that tires filled with nitrogen are directly correlated to easier handling and driving.  Nitrogen in tires allows for several benefits that make your driving easier and safer.  Kirk Brown and Sons employs knowledgeable technicians who know the importance of efficiency, and having nitrogen in tires is one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle is up to par.

Some of the benefits of nitrogen in tires include:

  • Better tire pressure retention: over time, tires will lose pressure. There are several factors that will make these changes more noticeable, including temperature.  Due to the size of the nitrogen molecule, which is larger than an oxygen molecule, it is less likely to seep through tire walls, as well as having the ability to maintain a more stable pressure.  Stable pressure is one of the best reasons to opt for nitrogen in tires as opposed to oxygen.
  • Improved fuel economy: the idea here is very simple. Under-inflation will cause your car to lose pressure, giving it terrible gas mileage.  Nitrogen loses pressure at a much slower rate, which makes nitrogen in tires better for your fuel economy.
  • Cooler running temperatures: if you have pressurized air in your tires, the humidity in it will condense into liquid, which will carry along inside of your tire causing expansion that creates hotter running temperatures. Putting nitrogen in tires is ideal because nitrogen is dry, which causes no inflation and, consequently, cooler running temperatures.
  • Longer tire life: oxygen will cause oxidation, which will make rubber brittle and cause it to crack. Oxygen buckles under higher temperatures, which can destroy your inner lining.  Nitrogen does not react the same way, which helps keep your tires running longer.  Additionally, nitrogen in tires makes the pressure more consistent.  Nitrogen keeps your tires from wearing quickly.
  • Increased safety: for those of us that don’t remember to refill the air in our tires, nitrogen brings relief. If you’re driving to and from work, or to school, or running errands, filling up your tires may be the last thing on your mind.  If you’re filling your tires with oxygen, the air will leak out quickly, which can lead to under-inflated tires.  Under-inflated tires are proven to be incredibly dangerous, causing many deaths and accidents each year.  Nitrogen in tires will maintain proper pressure, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Kirk Brown and Sons takes pride in our services, and we know that nitrogen in tires will help with your family’s safety and peace of mind.  In addition to these fantastic benefits, putting nitrogen in your tires will lead to a longer rim life.  Your car is meant to keep you safe and work continuously.  Our shop wants you and your loved ones to stay safe while driving, and putting nitrogen in tires is one of the best ways to ensure that your tires are in good shape.  If you have any questions about nitrogen in tires, or want to schedule a consultation, contact Kirk Brown and Sons in Charlotte, NC at 704-504-7318.

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