Car Timing Belt Service in Charlotte, NC

car timing belt Is your car timing belt functioning correctly?

Most drivers know the importance of regular oil changes or tire rotations. However, do you know the state of your timing belt? This important, but easily overlooked, component of your engine needs regular preventative maintenance, as well. At Kirk Brown and Sons, our trained experts know all the ins and outs of your vehicle. If it’s been awhile since your car timing belt was checked, come on in and let us put your mind at ease!

What is a car timing belt?

In your engine, there are valves that open and close to keep your vehicle in motion. There are two types of shafts that open and close these engine valves. The camshafts and the crankshaft. The timing belt is what times these shafts perfectly. When your engine is in operation, these shafts are vital to the rotation of your pistons. If the timing belt is not working correctly, it can cause the timed rotations of the shafts to be off. If either of these shafts are malfunctioning, the valves of your engine can be left open. If this happens, it can cause serious damage as the pistons will strike haphazardly. Serious damage can be sustained to your vehicle if your engine’s timing belt is malfunctioning. Fortunately, timing belt maintenance and repair is easy for us!

Aside from your engine’s operation, timing belts offer other benefits to your vehicle

A malfunctioning timing belt is not only a risk to the life of your engine, it can also be negatively affecting your fuel economy. Kirk Brown and Sons suggests regular maintenance of your timing belt every 60,000 miles. Any more than that, and your loose timing belt could really be slowing you down. This puts more of a strain on your engine, and therefore your wallet!

Don’t be turned off by the price

Having your timing belt replaced may seem like an expensive endeavor. However, at Kirk Brown and Sons we encourage the regular maintenance no matter the cost. The fact of the matter is that any potential damage sustained due to your timing belt will be exponentially more expensive than the cost of regular maintenance. Replacing your belt is much less expensive than extensive and expensive engine repair!

Kirk Brown and Sons is the place for all your auto needs

Many drivers make the mistake of thinking that the timing belt isn’t a vital part of the engine. This is because oftentimes, the belts are left out of regular maintenance routines. The idea that it is not important couldn’t be further from the truth! If it’s been a long time since you had your timing belt repaired or even inspected at all, it’s definitely time to come see us. Remember: every 60,000 miles, your timing belt may be on its last leg. Don’t take the potential safety and cost risks by ignoring this very important part of your vehicle! Your security is important, both in terms of safety and finance. That’s why you should come to Kirk Brown and Sons, where our honest technicians can get you fixed up in no time. If you’re a resident of Charlotte or Matthews, NC, there’s only one name in auto service. For the best service and prices around, come see us!

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