​The Best Oil Changes are at Kirk Brown and Sons!

best oil changes Looking for one of the best oil changes around?

If you’re in the Charlotte or Matthews, NC area, there’s only one place to go for all your auto needs. Kirk Brown and Sons has you covered with one of the most affordable, best oil changes in the area! We all know it’s of vital importance to have your car’s oil regularly changed. However, do you know all the reasons why? There’s more to an oil change than simply keeping your engine running. Your fuel economy could be affected as well! At Kirk Brown and Sons, our highly trained professionals are always ready to help you out with any and all things auto. Affordable oil changes are on the top of the list of regular maintenance!

Why is an oil change so important?

Think of your vehicle’s oil as its life blood. The oil is what keeps your engine healthy and lubricated to function at peak performance. If your engine is burning old, dirty oil, it’s getting clogged up—just like an artery. Old engines can pick up and deposit particles of dirt and grime. Continuing to circulate this same oil just keeps adding to the problem. A heavily clogged engine can cause far more expensive-to-fix problems in the long run. That’s why regular oil changes are so important! A fresh oil change is what keeps your engine’s “arteries” clean and grime-free.

A regular oil change can save you money

There’s more to an oil change than maintaining a healthy engine and avoiding more expensive future problems. In fact, regular oil changes will save you money! Any engine must struggle to subsist on old, dirty oil. This affects your fuel economy, which makes your fuel cost more expensive than it needs to be. Keep your engine running perfectly by coming to Kirk Brown and Sons for regular oil changes. We even have different types of oils to suit any driver’s needs! Your unique needs are important to us. We’ll work with anyone to ensure the best type of oil is being used in your vehicle.

Different types of oils for different driving needs

Are you a high mileage driver? You likely need a different type of oil than the average commuter. The average vehicle travels 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year. If you travel more than that, your vehicle may be considered a high mileage vehicle. High mileage oil is a mixture of conventional and synthetic oil to increase the amount of use your engine gets from it. Synthetic oils are known to outlast conventional oils under pressure. Your high mileage vehicle likely produces great amounts of heat, which conventional oils often can’t stand up to. Our synthetic blend will get you back on the road with a healthy engine! For the average commuter, a standard oil change is likely to suit your needs. We can do it all at Kirk Brown and Sons!

Kirk Brown and Sons is the best in the business!

Operating for over 50 years, Kirk Brown and Sons has earned a reputation for excellence. Great service, prices, and quality products are what have made us one of the most trusted auto shops in the Charlotte area. Next time you’re looking for the best oil changes you can find, keep Kirk Brown and Sons in mind!

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