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wheel alignment charlotte, ncLooking for fast, affordable wheel alignment in Charlotte, NC? Look no further! Kirk Brown and Sons is the best in the business. Serving Charlotte and surrounding areas for over 50 years, we’re proud of our reputation for excellence. At Kirk Brown and Sons, we aim to make any auto work as easy and stress-free as possible. If your car is in need of a wheel alignment, don’t spend more time waiting. Come on in to see us at Kirk Brown and Sons!

Why are wheel alignments important?

If your wheels are misaligned, your car can start to “pull” to one side or the other. This causes uneven wear and tear on the tires. Continuing to “fight” with your vehicle as it pulls unevenly can have negative effects on your steering system. Your brakes can be affected, too. Unevenly braking your misaligned tires can damage them and pose a threat to your safety. These risks are too high to keep putting off a wheel alignment. If you start to notice any signs at all of poorly aligned wheels, come see Kirk Brown and Sons immediately. Your safety and your vehicle are important to us!

What are some signs that I need a wheel alignment?

If your wheels need to be realigned, there are some signs you will be sure to notice. Things like your vehicle seeming to pull to one side or the other is a big giveaway. If you look at your tires and notice a more rapid deterioration on one side, there is a good chance alignment is the issue. If your tires squeal, or your steering wheel seems to veer off when driving straight, wheel alignment is almost certainly the culprit. Improper alignment can even have long term effects on the suspension of your vehicle. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until it’s too late! An improper wheel alignment can be very costly if not corrected quickly. Having to entirely replace wheels or suffering damage to your vehicle’s undercarriage are much more expensive to fix than a simple wheel alignment. It’s certainly not worth waiting around! Let us take a look and save you money in the meantime!

What steps are in the wheel alignment process?

The wheel alignment process is not simple, and should not be attempted by anyone but a professional. The process includes careful measurements and calculations to ensure that your tires are bearing appropriate amounts of weight. Multiple angles, referred to as primary and secondary angles, are considered to guarantee maximum wheel efficiency. Once the proper measurements have been determined, your mechanic will carefully align the tires.

Nobody knows Wheel Alignment Charlotte, NC like Kirk Brown and Sons!

We only hire the best, most professional and friendly mechanics around. Not only do we pride ourselves in our auto service, we pride ourselves in our customer service, as well. At Kirk Brown and Sons, our customers are our highest priority. Taking care of any vehicle issues in the quickest, most affordable, stress-free ways possible are what has made us one of the best auto shops in Charlotte.

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