​Preventative Maintenance Checklist

preventative maintenance checklist Preventative maintenance is always a smart move. To ensure that your vehicle is receiving the preventative care that it needs, it is a good idea to keep a preventative maintenance checklist. This makes sure you stay on a tight schedule of regular maintenance to improve the overall life span of your vehicle. Your vehicle needs regular checkups with a mechanic, just like we need regular checkups with our doctor. Keep your vehicle in good health by performing preventative maintenance regularly!

How do I know what sorts of preventative maintenance I need, and when to do it?

Consult the owner’s manual of your vehicle to see manufacturer recommendations for maintenance. Some vehicles will need maintenance more often than others. It all depends on your vehicle type, and it can all be found in the owner’s manual.

What should my preventative maintenance checklist look like?

When looking to perform preventative maintenance on your vehicle, there are some things to keep in mind. Being proactive with preventative maintenance will ensure that you don’t run into more extreme, longer term vehicle damage in the future. For any vehicle owner, preventative maintenance is always a smart move. Some things to keep on your checklist are as follows:

1) Tire pressure. Checking your tire pressure monthly will ensure that your tires are not losing air, which can lead to other problems with your vehicle.

2) Check fluid levels, including oil. Steering and wiper fluids, antifreeze, etc. have an easily readable gauge or dipstick. If your fluids are low, learn to change them yourself, or we can do it for you! Regular oil checks and changes are very important for your vehicle to function. Burning the same oil for too long can lead to many major problems for your vehicle. This should be very high on your list!

3) Clean or replace interior and engine air filters, windshield wipers, and batteries. It’s important for your vehicle and your safety to have these components functioning at their highest level.

4) Get your tires rotated. Rotating your tires makes sure that one tire isn’t doing too much of the work. Uneven tire tread can lead to complications down the road, and new tires are not always inexpensive!

Regularly performing these services will keep your car happy and healthy and at Kirk Brown and Sons, your vehicle and your safety are our priority!

There may be more that your car specifically needs, but these are the fundamentals for any vehicle. A great place to begin preventative maintenance is by having your vehicle inspected. That’s where we step in. At Kirk Brown and Sons, our fast, affordable auto service is unbeatable. For anyone looking for an auto mechanic shop in Charlotte, NC, Kirk Brown and Sons is always the answer. Let us check out your vehicle and ensure that everything is in good working order. If anything needs to be fixed, we’ll do it right there in our well-equipped shop. It’s easy! All things auto care can be found at Kirk Brown and Sons. Lengthen the life of your vehicle by performing preventative maintenance regularly. We look forward to helping you!

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