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wheel alignment charlotte, ncWhen was the last time you had your wheels checked?

Have you noticed your vehicle behaving a little oddly? Does it “pull” to one side as you drive, or shudder as you go over bumps in the road? There’s a good chance your wheel alignment is off. Having poorly aligned wheels can lead to a variety of issues with your vehicle. Some of these problems may cause you expensive damage in the future, and can put your safety at risk. If you have any reason to suspect something is wrong with your wheel alignment, Charlotte, NC is home to the best auto shop around—Kirk Brown and Sons! Come on in and let us check out your wheels. At Kirk Brown and Sons, you’re always in good hands!

Why is wheel alignment important?

There are a few reasons that you want to watch the alignment of your wheels. Faulty wheel alignment can lead to some expensive issues. Namely, poor alignment can lead to uneven wear and tear on your tires. If your tires are not receiving equal weight as you drive, one or two tires may give out before the others. Replacing one or more wheels is far more expensive than getting your wheels aligned. Another big issue with poor alignment is the issue of safety. When your wheels are poorly aligned, this can make handling your car much more difficult. When your car’s instinct is to “pull” to the left or right, it can make it much more difficult to control. Financial and safety issues are not worth chancing when all you need to do is come to Kirk Brown and Sons and get your wheels inspected! If you notice any signs of faulty alignment, give us a call or come on by right away!

What are other signs of misaligned wheels?

Perhaps you’re aware of what it means when your car “pulls” to one side or the other. When driving, does it seem like your steering wheel has a mind of its own? It’s simply trying to follow the tires, which are poorly aligned and drifting off to one side. Aside from the “pulling” issue, there are a few more signs to be on the lookout for. We mentioned the issue of uneven wear on your tires—you can check for this yourself. Look at each of your tires. Does it seem that one or two in the front have significantly more wear on the tread? The issue is probably improper alignment. Remember, if you’re experiencing any of these problems, your safety is at risk! Having a difficult to control car makes it harder to make turns or swerve to avoid problems in the road, and any issues with controlling your vehicle are highly dangerous. Keep your wheels aligned and your mind at peace by scheduling a wheel alignment today!

The best place for wheel alignment Charlotte, NC is Kirk Brown and Sons!

Kirk Brown and Sons has over 50 years of experience serving the Charlotte, NC area. We are proud to be established on family values such as honesty, hard work, and friendship. We strive to do right by each and every customer we have. When you run in to any auto need, be sure to call Kirk Brown and Sons immediately. We are always here to help!

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